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Certified Cross Connection Control Specialists


Atlantic Backflow's Background

  • image of backflow deviceWe provide testing and repairs on all testable backflow prevention devices installed on domestic and sprinkler systems.
  • We maintain a significant inventory of Ames, Watts, Conbraco, Wilkins and Febco repair parts which we endeavor to ship same day as requested.
  • We do the job to your complete satisfaction
  • Certified cross connection control specialists
  • Certified cross connection control surveyors
  • Certified Journeyman plumbers (Inter-Provincial Status)
  • Possess Halifax Regional Water Commission Testers License
  • Possess Cape Breton Regional Municipality Testers License
  • Possess 5 million in liability insurance
  • Possess Certificate of Recognition with Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
  • Members of the Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Cross Connection Control Committee
  • Members of Workers Compensation Board with Clearance Letters available upon request
  • Business #894209865

We Aim to Prevent the Following:

  • Cross Connection:
    An existing connection or a potential connection between any part of a potable water system (drinkable water) and any other environment containing other substances in a manner which under any circumstances would allow such substance to enter the potable water system.
  • Backflow:
    Whenever there is a physical connection between a potable water system and a non-potable environment, backflow may occur due to either backsiphonage or backpressure.
  • Backsiphonage:
    This is backflow caused by negative or reduced pressure in the potable water supply piping.
  • Backpressure:
    This may cause backflow to occur whenever a potable system is connected to a non-potable supply operating under a higher pressure.

We Offer The Following Backflow Prevention Devices

  • RP-reduced pressure principle backflow prevention device
  • DCVA-double check valve assembly
  • PVB-pressure vacuum breaker
  • AVB-atmospheric vacuum breaker
  • HCVB-hose connection vacuum breaker
  • LFVB-laboratory faucet vacuum breaker
  • DCAP-dual check with atmospheric port
  • DUC-dual check valve

First Class Service With A Quality Guarantee

We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver professional service in backflow prevention and cross connection control.

Currently we are the only Nova Scotia based company with the recognized certification to survey and handle all your backflow needs.


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